1. What is Alila Seminyak? Is it a hotel or condotel?
    Alila Seminyak is a 5-star hotel managed by Alila Hotels and Resorts. However, about 45% of the rooms are available for sale, offering buyers an opportunity to own a part of the hotel.
  2. What is the size of the land?
    2 ha
  3. How many hotel rooms will there be?
  4. How many types of units are available for sale and how many are there in total?
    In total, there are 108 units for sale which consist of 4 unit types:
    1. Deluxe Suite (46 sqm)
    3. Alila Suite (72 sqm)
    4. Beach Suite (177 sqm)
    5. Penthouse (811 sqm)
  5. Why are not all units available for sale?
    The developer is committed to maintaining Alila Seminyak at the highest standards. Owning the majority of the hotel units is one way to assure buyers that Alila Seminyak will be maintained at these highest standards at all times.
  6. How will profit be divided and distributed to owners?
    The suites are pooled according to type. Total revenue for each pool is apportioned as follows: 50% to hotel owners to cover hotel expenses and operational costs (i.e. salaries, amenities, linen, utilities, management fee, repairs and renovation, land and building tax (PBB), etc.); 47% to unit owners; and 3% to a sinking fund.

    Each unit owner within the pool will then receive a share of revenue based on the coefficient assigned to his/her unit.
  7. Are there any costs that have to be borne by buyers?
    Yes: 10% VAT, 3% Sinking Fund, 5% BPHTB (Land and Building Ownership Transfer Tax), Income Tax on revenue share and Notary/Land Deeds Officer fee.
  1. Who is the developer and what projects have they previously completed?
    PT Anaamaya Mitra Selaras is part of the group of PT Eagle Capital. Alila Seminyak is the first prestigious project of the group.
  2. Who are the architect, contractor and interior designer?
    Architect and Interior Designer: URBNarc
    Contractor: PT Acset Indonusa
  3. Do we get any free stays?
    Yes, you will get free stay starting from 21 days per year, depending on the type of unit you buy.
  4. Who manages the hotel?  
    Alila Hotels and Resorts, Asia’s leading boutique hotel management company.
  5. Where is the exact location of Alila Seminyak?
    The hotel is located right on Seminyak beachfront, next to Potato Head, with direct beach access.
  6. Who are your competitors?
    Currently, there are no hotels in Bali with the high standard and location comparable to Alila Seminyak that are available for sale.
  7. What is the status of ownership?
    Strata title for 30 + 20 years, starting from hotel operation in 2015.
  8. Can foreigners purchase Alila Seminyak?
    Yes, through 50-year leasehold agreement or if they first set up an Indonesian company.
  9. When was the hotel open for public?
    Commercial opening was on Oct 1, 2015.
  10. Is there a wedding venue in the hotel?
    Yes, the hotel has a multi-function room that can accommodate weddings and corporate events.